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RSI Queue Management System offers different kinds of advantages of the entire user groups involved situated within and external to the organization making it useful, effective and an attractive tool for all.

Benefits to Customers

Benefits to the Customers

Upon the arrival to the organization the customer goes directly to the kiosk machine, reads a range of offered services and pushes a touch-sensitive screen and prints the ticket with his queue number. Now your customer may wait until he will be called without being to wait in the queue worrying about other people overtaking them. Customers will also have an idea about the estimated waiting time for the service they have selected which is calculated on the basis of the different indicators such as average waiting time for customers for that service since morning and in the light of average waiting time of the previous days.

Benefits to Agents

Benefits to the Agents

First of all while setting up the system each work counter will be identified and numbered. The Agents will have a clear picture of the customers in the queue waiting to be served through the figures shown in the system. These figures will be updated on real time clearing updating the agents about the change in the customer flowing in and out of the organization. They will use the system to call the next customer in queue and this is the main function of the system. The System will main the history of the previous work sessions of each agent and the agent can go through this history in order to access the number of tickets they have served and their average serving time. These indicators will allow the agents to assess their performance and analyze their efficiency while serving different services.

Benefits to Management

Benefits to the Management

The main objective behind spending money on MIS and Management system by any Top Management is to get powerful indicators in the form of reporting which can be used to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the business operations internally and externally in terms of dealing with customers, suppliers and other business associates.


RSI Queue Management System records the numbers of tickets being printed by the customers that visit the organization every day. It also keeps record of time each customer has to wait in the queue and the time taken to serve the customer. This time record keeping is done on the service basis, counter basis and agent basis.

The data collected through this record keeping operation allows the system to generate very powerful reports on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or any other periodic basis. .This data is useful for the employer who cares about customer convenience and the work quality of employees. The system provides reports on every employee, informs how many customers have visited per day, week, month as well how many and what kind of operations have been performed. Statistical data helps in taking decisions on reduction or increase of the number of employees and on distribution and co-ordination of operations carried out by employees

In addition to providing such critical information to managers; RSI Queue Management System also directly improves the quality and level of service. Agents are more likely to provide efficient, high quality service when being monitored (much like similar situations in almost any production facility or call center). Customers are more satisfied when the waiting line is kept in order by a clear logical system.


Due to all these clear benefits, the ROI (Return on Investment) period of typical RSI QMS implementation projects is usually much less than a year.


RSI QMS is web based technology means most software installation and maintenance is centralized on one Intranet server, minimizing the time to troubleshoot the system and eliminating costly trips to remote offices.