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RSI QMS Reporting Engine

RSI Queue Management System Reporting Module

RSI QMS Reporting engine is one of the most important components of the solution and it provides a competitive advantage over other queue management solutions in the market. The reports generated by RSI QMS solution are driven by all the entities involved in the entire queue management system process – most important being the service, counter, agents, branches, time period and more.RSI QMS Reporting engine generates all the principles reports those are required by different user groups involved in the customer flow management process. The reporting engine is capable of producing reports in any display format including tabulating, graphical and more along with the capability of exporting the reports in any format required by other major information systems and ERP solutions. These reports allow the top management to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of their staff on the basis of numerous key performance indicators highlighted through the reports.
The reports can be :

1. Service Based
2. Counter Based
3. Agent Based
4. Branch Based
5. Time duration Based
6. A combination of the above