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RSI QMS Sound Manager

RSI QMS Voice, Announcement Amplification Speakers

RSI QMS Sound Manager component consists of a combination of hardware and software and is meant to facilitate the sound announcements for the customers. These announcements can be ticket number announcements of these can be sound playing from the videos and other material supported by RSI QMS Digital Signage solution.
In terms of hardware high configuration amplifiers and speakers are used – the configuration and quantity is really dependant on the environment and the needs of the client itself.
In terms of software, RSI QMS Sound Announcement Utility is a software which is responsible for managing the hardware and coordinating with RSI QMS S to ensure that the announcements are done on the right time.
As soon as a new customer is called, the utility triggers the sound announcement informing about the ticket number being called and which counter it should go. A typical announcement e.g. will be

“Ticket number 1 go to counter number 4”   RSI Queue Management System Announcement

The system currently supports announcements in English and Arabic but it can be customized to support any language on request.