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Ticket Dispensing Unit

Ticket dispensing unit or the queue machine is the one of the core component of the RSI QMS Solution. The ticket dispensing unit is the component responsible for dispensing / printing tickets. The ticket printed from the unit is customizable from the RSI QMS Server software and it displays the following information :

  • 1. Organization Logo
  • 2. Organization Name
  • 3. Current Date / Time
  • 4. Token Number
  • 5. Service Selected
  • 6. Average waiting time for selected service
  • 7. Number of customers waiting in the queue for this service
  • 8. Customized message (e.g. special offers) at the bottom of the ticket

  • RSI QMS offers different kinds of options for ticket dispensing units which can suit the needs and requirements of different premises on the basis of environmental factors:

    Table Top Kiosk Machine, Ticket Dispenser
    Table Top Ticket Dispensing Unit

    RSI QMS provides a compact ticket dispensing unit which can be placed or installed on a table occupying less space and can meets specific needs of the environment.

    Wall Mount Kiosk Machine, Ticket Dispenser
    Wall Mounted Ticket Dispensing Unit

    RSI QMS also provides a compact ticket dispensing unit which can be installed on wall saving space on the floor.

    Kiosk Machine

    Kiosk 1
    Kiosk 2
    Kiosk 3
    Kiosk 4
    Kiosk 5

    A very smartly designed kiosk with thermal printer is the most advance option to use as a ticket dispensing unit. The client has a wide range of designs of the kiosk to choose from on the basis of their organization needs and culture. The services being offered by the organization (The lists of services are manageable from the control panel) are shown on the touch screen and the user can choose any service (the services are shown in English and Arabic) and their ticket which displays the following.