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RSI QMS Digital Signage

RSI QMS Digital Signage

This is an optional component of RSI QMS solution which is capable of facilitating the client with features of developing high quality digital signage content ready for disposal with the RSI Main and Agent Routing Screens.

RSI QMS Digital Signage module is high end scalable and network based digital signage solution and the following are some of the major components that provide

RSI QMS Digital signage solution a competitive edge over other signage solutions in the market:

1. Layout Panel: It is an integral part of this module that provides multiple layout panels to the user to choose from, giving the user flexibility to create the output according to their requirement.

2. Videos Management: It is capable of playing all major formats such as as FLV / MPEG / MP3 / MP4 / AVI

3. Images Management: RSI QMS Digital Signage solution is capable of using all available image formats and supports more than 25 different animations

4. Data sourcing: RSI QMS Digital Signage solution is capable of sourcing data from any data source such as internet , intranet , internal database , external database or any other intermediary formats such as XML , CSV , TXT and more

5. Screen Configuration: RSI QMS Signage solution allows the users to customize the screen into different areas and further each area can be configured to play different content. The user can further program the timing of the content to be played on daily , weekly or monthly basis or and also just one time at a particular date time