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  • RSI QMS with LED Counter Display
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  • RSI QMS with Standard Counter Plates


RSI QMS C stands for RSI Queue Management Client. This module is available desktop and web versions to meet the different requirements of the clients. This requires no extra hardware; the computers already being used by the agents can serve the purpose. It has the advance authentication and authorization mechanisms to meet the industrial and cliental requirements.

RSI QMS C has extensive functionality incorporated relating to the customer flow operations at the agent’s desk.RSI QMS C gives a 360 degree view to the agent for the following important parameters on the basis of which the decisions can be made:

  • Current Ticket Being served
  • Total Tickets waiting in queue for the list of services selected by this particular logged in Agent
  • Next Ticket waiting in the queue to be served
  • List of Missing Tickets

RSI QMS C allows the agent to perform a wide variety of options such as:

  • Call Next ticket
  • Tag the ticket as missing
  • Call missing ticket
  • Re announce the ticket
  • Transfer Ticket to other counter
  • Transfer Ticket to other service
  • Destroy the ticket in case of no show


Over all the options / functionality of RSI QMS C can be summarized in the following list:

  • Agents Login
  • Agents Profile Management
  • Change Password
  • Counter and Services Selection
  • Session Management
  • Managing Customer Flow
Counter Agent Window
Queue Management Module