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BMW Dubai chooses RSI Queue management system to provide quick service to their customers at the new and enhanced service center

RSI Concepts has announced the signing of their Queue Management System for BMW - AGMC Dubai in their re-developed facility - covering a total area of 33,000 square meters which incorporates state-of-the-art sales and after-sales facilities, providing a 24 hours fast lane service and a dedicated workshop for BMW 7-Series, X5 and X6 vehicle customers along with a new car delivery area.
AGMC was looking for a vendor with global experience in implementation of customer flow management system in tune with its value for providing the best services to customers. RSI Queue Management System was selected, amongst a global tender primarily because of the completeness of the solution and RSI Concept's ability to re-engineer the solution to better suit AMGC's requirements.
RSI Concepts has set up a complex customer flow management system which comprises of three individual RSI ticket dispensers, more than 20 counter agents and a thrice dozen of LCD panels ready to handle approximately 50,000 customers a month.

“The most important and challenging job done by the RSI Lab was to integrate the RSI Queue Management System with AGMC's currently in-use appointment system. The Queue Management System had to be smart enough to give priority to the appointment customers over the walk in customers keeping in calculation the time delay allowed for each customer having an appointment and ensuring that the walk in customers are directed to the service advisors using a fairly working algorithm”, says Shehzad Asghar Saddiq, the Product Manager for RSI QMS at RSI Concepts.